Sommersemester 2017


VO: Literature in Creative Contexts: Theatre

(Unterrichtssprache: Englisch)

This Lecture Course explores the fascinating field of theatre, inquiring into its aesthetic, historical, critical and practical dimensions. It acquaints students with the immense variety of forms from the Middle Ages to the Present and discusses a range of approaches from theatre semiotics, phenomenology and cognitive studies. The major focus of this lecture course will lie on the connections between drama and theatre and on the shift from theatre studies to production studies. For this purpose we shall discuss and compare productions, give practitioners a voice in the course and visit a current performance. Central questions in this move from theory to practice are: How is a play mounted? What artistic processes are involved? What considerations regarding the spatial, temporal, social and economic frameworks are necessary for a production to happen? How does a play meet the audience?

The aim of this course is to acquire major insight into key aspects of drama, theatre and production studies.


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